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  • Workshop Speaking Body / Olga Kosterina
  • Workshop Speaking Body / Olga Kosterina
  • Workshop Speaking Body / Olga Kosterina
  • Workshop Speaking Body / Olga Kosterina
  • Workshop Speaking Body / Olga Kosterina
  • Workshop Speaking Body / Olga Kosterina
  • Workshop Speaking Body / Olga Kosterina
  • Workshop Speaking Body / Olga Kosterina
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Speaking Body

Doesn't it seem easy: just choose a subject and see what your body says on that? Let's make it ready to speak!

As a physical theatre piece is not just an abstract action or a dance restricted by the frames of one exact style, but more - the expression of a plot or story through the movement of body, then the last one has to be able to express. The body must be prepared for getting and passing the energy and feelings, and accurately conducting the information of ideas and meanings of the performance, just like a musical instrument has to be tuned to execution of a composer's music correctly.

Workshop system "Speaking Body" created for physical performers (dancers, actors) to increase the freedom of movement, to develop the capacity of expression and to find the own unique way of storytelling in body language.

At the workshop we go step by step to a better realization of body's capabilities. With the knowledge of "how soft is our clay" and understanding that the movement is the final, external stage of an invisible process which is born inside, we learn how to use the ability to convey mental and emotional material in motion.
It will be the occasion to allow our bodies to receive and give more energy to express freely and to transform our ideas in art. 

Workshop program has been successfully presented in Germany, China, Bulgaria, Tunis, Egypt.

Short curriculum of the program:

Part I

This part is focused on the essence from different movement systems. We shortly consider several possible motion ways and take the selected most useful principles of the expressing opportunities they provide.

1. Basement of movement: excerpts from dance, physical theatre, acting, pantomime, contact improvisation, etc.
2. Gestures and symbols in body expression.
3. Principles of improvisation.

Part II

This is a part of building connection between body abilities and mental capacity for developing creativity of storytelling in movement. We learn to move fluidly, more spontaneously and to convey feelings, thoughts, emotions and ideas in motion.

1. Work with attention and imagination. Principles of expression. 
2. Energy and power of movement action.
3. Variety of sound and music usage.
4. Telling stories in body language.

Part III

This part is dedicated to individual and group work, preparations to perform.
1. Building your unique style and individuality in movement.
2. Significant things in preparation for public presentations emotionally and energetically.
3. Principles of group work.
4. Mission and responsibility of being artist.

5. (Optional) Creation of a movement performance as a result of the practice, based on the material learned.

The program can be adapted and developed according to special needs of the school/studio/group.
Ask for more detailed workshop description by e-mail:

Language - English, German, French or Russian 

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